Astralis vs NiP

Astralis vs NiP IEM Katowice 2019

Match: Astralis vs NiP (IEM Katowice 2019 Champions Stage) | Prediction: NiP +1.5 (Maps handicap) | Odds: 2.30 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-03-01 18.50 GMT +1


Astralis have come into this event at Legends Stage as the outright favourites to win the Major. Ninjas in Pyjamas have had to battle their way through Challengers to even make it to Legends. This is the quarterfinal match that is the easiest to predict on paper. With how one-sided the odds and predictions are looking, I’ll pinpoint some alternative bets for this series.


Astralis have become one of the most dominant teams in CS:GO history. Last year they were the first team to complete the Grand Slam (Win 4 Majors in a year). They blitzed through Legends Stage with a 16-0 win over Cloud9 and a 16-6 win over Complexity.

It wasn’t until they faced Renegades in Advancement Round 1 where they met a challenge. They were one of two teams that finished Legends Stage with a 3-0 record. With how easy their run has been so far, it’s looking to stay the same in this quarter-final.


Ninjas in Pyjamas have done incredibly well to make it this far. However, they’ve scraped through each stage. In Challengers Stage they finished with a 3-2 record, being one of the last teams to get through to the next stage. This trend continued in the Legends Stage. Once again, they finished with a 3-2 record and just about made it through.

During the tournament, they’ve suffered losses to Renegades, Winstrike, Liquid, and MIRB. You can argue that the majority of their losses have come against the top teams. Despite this, three of their four losses came against teams that have also made it to this final stage. This could indicate that they’re not quite ready to face off against this standard of competition, especially not Astralis.

Alternative Bet

With Astralis being clear favourites in this series, betting on an outright winner won’t achieve much. A map handicap is possibly your best option. You can get a map handicap of +1.5 for NiP at 2.30 odds.

My Prediction

Regular CS:GO viewers will know where this is going. I’m confident Astralis will come out on top in this series. I think you can almost safely place them in grand finals at this point. However, if NiP can get a solid map veto in, they could take a map off Astralis, which will win the map handicap bet.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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