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Avangar vs Mouz

[ft_boxes box_style=’info’ ]Match: Avangar vs. Mousesports (Mouz) (CS:GO Asia Championship 2019) | Format: Best of 3 | Prediction: Mouz 2-1 win | Odds: 3.18| Bookmaker: GG.Bet | Match start: 2019-11-20 12.00 GMT[/ft_boxes]


Here we have two teams typically seen as underdogs in recent times, hoping to kick start their tournament at the CS:GO Asia Championship. Both teams have shown in the past that they have what it takes to make it to grand finals and win events. With ENCE and ViCi Gaming being the other teams in the group, whoever wins here could very well come out with 1st seed in Group B.


For the longest time, Avanagr were always regarded as the underdog team at events. They were never expected to make a deep run but they always had the potential to make it out of groups, causing an upset along the way. However, in the past couple of months, this has changed slightly.

Avangar signed Adren from FaZe in May 2019 and since then, they’ve appeared to be a bit more of a threat. This was showcased by their 2nd place finish at the StarLadder Berlin Major back in August. Their only major event since then was a disappointment, the StarSeries & i-League Season 8 event. With this being said their two loses came to G2 and Furia, teams that made strong runs at the event.


This project took a complete overhaul earlier this year when Karrigan joined the team. The organisation has seen a widespread of success in past years but recently they have well and truly been on that struggle bus. This project has been improving the roster and they should soon be primed for a strong showing at an event.

Everyone is waiting for the event that they will pop off and show their full potential, but this is yet to happen. Whilst this isn’t the biggest event in the year and both Liquid and Astralis aren’t in attendance, it would be the perfect opportunity for them to make a deep run and put their mark on the CS:GO scene.


This series is destined to go all the way to the final map, and I think Mouz will have what it takes to edge out the series against Avangar. I recommend taking the 3.18 odds on Mouz to win the series 2-1.


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