CS:GO Asia Championship Quarter-Finals Predictions

The double-elimination groups’ stage has come to an end at the CS:GO Asia Championship. With an unusual 3 of the 4 teams from each group advancing to playoffs, the winner of each of group would advance to the semi-final. Meanwhile, the teams finishing 2nd and 3rd must battle it out in quarter-finals on November 23rd.

Group Stage Recap

Just a quick recap for those that may not have followed the event from the beginning. There was an interesting mix of teams at the event, with some of the biggest names not being in attendance, the opportunity of upsets had increased.

Below is the final standing from each group.

Group A

Place Team Record Round Count Round Difference
1st Tyloo 2-0 64-48 +16
2nd Evil Geniuses 1-1 60-58 +2
3rd MiBR 1-1 56-55 +1
4th G2 Esports 0-2 50-69 -19

Group B

Place Team Record Round Count Round Difference
1st ENCE 2-0 75-51 +24
2nd Avangar 1-1 71-73 -2
3rd Mousesports 1-1 67-65 +2
4th ViCi Gaming 0-2 57-81 -24

We have most definitely had some surprises then in the opening two days of action at the CS:GO Asia Championship. Group A really had a curveball with Tyloo coming out on top as this has major implications moving into playoffs.

Over in Group B we knew it was a mixed bag that could well and truly end any which way. ENCE managed to find some form once again and Avangar and Mouz were the teams battling it out for the final playoff spots which wasn’t much surprise.

Quarter-Finals Preview

Quarter-Final #1

Mouz vs. Evil Geniuses – November 23rd at 05:00 GMT

This match honestly had the potential to be the grand final, with many hoping Mouz would finally reach the form we have been expecting. Instead, both teams finished 1-1 in their respective groups. This means they’ll battle it out with the loser being sent home.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses will win 2-1 in a close series.

Quarter-Final #2

MiBR vs. Avangar – November 23rd at 08:00 GMT

These teams will be licking their lips going into this series. With the winner advancing to play against ENCE in the semi-final, a win here could lead to them finding themselves in a grand final. However, both teams suffer from huge inconsistencies which could hinder their progress.

Prediction: MiBR seem to be finding a stride and I think they’ll pull off the victory.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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