FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians

FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians NA LCS Summer Split 2019 League of Legends

Match: FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians (NA LCS Summer Split 2019) | Format: Best of 1 | Prediction: Golden Guardians to win | Odds: 1.90 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-06-02 21:00 BST

This time last year, this game would have been viewed as a battle between the lower tiered teams in the NA LCS. However, the tables have certainly turned these past few months. FlyQuest continued to build for the glimmers of success they witnessed in 2018. On the other hand Golden Guardians went from finishing bottom to securing a spot in playoffs.


This team has continually improved since its opening game in the franchised NA LCS. Things started rough for them. At times they looked like a joke team, but roster changes and hard work have turned the tide for this organisation. In the off-season, they picked up Pobelter in the mid-lane who has proved to be a great asset for the team.

They managed to reach playoffs more comfortably this time around. They actually faced off against Golden Guardians in the 4th place decider match-up. This was because both teams finished with a 9-9 record in the regular season.

The two then faced off one more in the Quarter-final stages of the Spring split playoffs. The series was back and forth with FlyQuest eventually coming out on top.

Golden Guardians

It well and truly has been a turnaround year for the Golden Guardians. They’ve gone from being the joke of the NA LCS to being a true contender for playoffs and a threat in every series. They’ve not had the best history against FlyQuest however, only managing 1 win out their 8 clashes.

They will certainly be seeking revenge for their tough loss in playoffs last split. After a horrible first year in the league, Golden Guardians made heavy changes to their roster. They kept the core of Deftly and Contractz, but required replacements for Top Lane, Mid Lane and Support.

Prior to the start of the 2019 Spring Season, they signed Olleh from Liquid, Froggen from Origen and Hauntzer from TSM. They are three major signings to pull off and have clearly improved the roster within a matter of months. It will be exciting to see how they play in the upcoming Summer Split.


On paper, FlyQuest would appear to be clear favourites and they have 1.80 odds to come out on top. However, I’m going in the favour of the “underdogs” in this series, Golden Guardians, who have 1.90 odds for winning the match. I think the additions to the rosters, plus the time to improve after crashing out of Spring playoffs, will lead to some success this split.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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