Fnatic vs Splyce

Fnatic vs Splyce LEC Spring Playoffs

Match: Fnatic vs Splyce (LEC Spring Split Playoffs) | Format: Best of 5 | Prediction: Fnatic -1.5 (Map handicap) | Odds: 1.55 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-04-05 17:00 BST


Fnatic and Splyce will face off tomorrow night lower bracket semi-final of the LEC Spring Playoffs. Both played through the quarter-final stages last week. They now look to book a slot in the lower bracket grand final against the loser of G2 and Origen.


Fnatic had a somewhat unconvincing start to the season. Following the change from the EU LCS over to the franchised format that is now the LEC, Fnatic were favourites to win the first ever split. They started the season with a 0-4 record after losses against SK, Origen, Vitality, and Schalke.

At the mid-point of the season, they found themselves holding a 3-7 record. After this they bounced back and won every game during the last four weeks of action, finishing with an 11-7 record. They now looked primed to make yet another appearance in a spring split final.


Splyce had a back and forth season, but after securing a place in playoffs, it definitely shines a positive light on their spring split. They had weeks where they went 2-0, 0-2 and 1-1. They had their share of ups and downs.

After finally stringing together a few wins in a row, they faced off against Fnatic in the last game of the season. Fnatic came out on top and ended the win streak that Splyce were putting together. It didn’t seem to knock their confidence too much though as they defeated SK 3-1 in the first round of playoffs.

My Prediction

I believe that Fnatic will come out on top in this series. Fnatic and Splyce have faced off twice so far in this split and Fnatic have come out on top in each. You can get odds of 1.55 on a -1.5 map handicap to Fnatic. I think this would be better than putting an outright winner bet on Fnatic as it increases the odds a significant amount.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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