FunPlus Phoenix vs Fnatic

Match: FunPlus Phoenix vs. Fnatic (League of Legends World Championship Quarter-Final) | Format: Best of 5 | Prediction: Fnatic +1.5 map handicap | Odds: 1.71 | Bookmaker: GG.Bet | Match start: 2019-10-26 16.00 BST

Match Preview

The quarter-finals of the League of Legends 2019 World Championship are here. This is the second quarter-final taking place in the schedule. It will feature China’s #1 team going head to head against Europe’s #2 seed.

FunPlus Phoenix

Commonly known as FPX within the League of Legends community, they were highly considered as a potential winner coming into this event. This confidence behind the Chinese powerhouse was instantly questioned when they fell to J Team in their opening game.

FPX quickly recovered by winning 4 games in a row, picking up victories against everyone in their group; J Team, Splyce and GAM Esports. This streak came to an end and they were once again questioned following their defeat to Splyce on the final day. Granted, Spylce made an incredible run that day to lock themselves in at a 4-2 record and secured a tiebreaker for first place against FPX.

FPX won their final game against J Team which locked them in at a 4-2 record and eliminated J Team from the tournament. They went on to win against Splyce in the tiebreaker to take 1st place in the group.


Europe’s long-standing favourites had a slow start to the 2019 season after losing mid-laner Caps to G2 in the off-season. However, they have since found their stride once again and have looked impressive both on a regional and international level.

Coming into the World Championship, they were gifted with the group of death. The odds weren’t in their favour right from the start. They were stuck in a group with SK Telecom T1, Royal Never Give Up and Clutch Gaming.

Despite a 1-2 start, the hopes of European fans were still high. Fnatic pulled off a 3-0 day with victories against everyone in the group. SKT defeating RNG helped them avoid a tiebreaker match up.


This is going to be a big task for the Fnatic side. However, many believe the European roster will find success. I also share this belief, but in regard to betting, I think a +1.5 map handicap in Fnatics favour at 1.71 odds in the best option. This means Fnatic need to win 2 maps for the bet to come in, even if they do lose the series.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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