Furia vs NRG

Furia vs NRG Esports ESL Cologne 2019 Betting Prediction

Match: Furia vs NRG Esports (ESL ONE: Cologne 2019) | Format: Best of 1 | Prediction: NRG -3.5 (round handicap) | Odds: 2.00 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-07-02 12:10 BST


Here we have what could be argued as two of the underdog teams in this tournament. NRG will be competing with their new addition Stanislaw for the first team. Whereas Furia will continue with the same roster that has started to find more regular success in recent times.


This full Brazilian squad have well and truly seemed to have found their peak form. Over the past two months they have handed out several upsets and made deep runs in tournaments. The biggest question is really just how far can this team push forward, are they nearing their cut off point regarding talent?

They have been incredibly busy with qualifiers and playoffs so far this month which could go either way for them. It could have helped them build up security around their map pool, which has been their biggest downfall so far. On the flipside, it could leave them burnt out and exposed against higher tier competition.

NRG Esports

This team are well and truly on their come up again. In the past they have had sparks and glimmers of success but it has never lasted. They had an awkward couple of weeks recently despite good performances. A few weeks back they made the decision to bench Daps and bring on Stanislaw.

After making this change, Daps still had to play with the roster at the ESL Pro League finals. Despite being benched, Daps still put in a shift and was arguably one of their best players during the tournament. He was once again instrumental in so many rounds. It will be interesting to see how the team can play with their new addition.


With Furia involved, it is always tricky to make a sure decision. Despite this, I think NRG will edge it out in this series. I think the best betting option would be a -3.5 rounds handicap towards NRG coming in at 2.00 odds. It means NRG will need to win the series by 16-12 or better for the bet to come through successfully.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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