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Invictus vs Liquid

[ft_boxes box_style=’info’ ]Match: Invictus Gaming vs. Team Liquid (League of Legends World Championship Group Stage) | Format: Best of 1 | Prediction: Invictus win | Odds: 1.46 | Bookmaker: GG.Bet | Match start: 2019-10-20 18.00 BST[/ft_boxes]

Match Preview

This game marks the end to the Group Stages at the 2019 League of Legends World Championships. There is a very high chance that Group D will still be completely in the air when this game comes around. With three teams currently tied for 2-1, there are a wide range of outcomes including tiebreakers that could happen.

Invictus Gaming

The current World Champions could very well be fighting for tournament survival when this game comes around. It’s hard to determine the exact situation the group will be in at this point as it’s reliant of the five games prior in the day.

Invictus picked up a victory against Liquid earlier in the group so will have full confidence coming into this series. On paper, this will be an incredibly close game that goes down to the wire.

Team Liquid

North America’s last hope at the 2019 World Championship, Team Liquid. Despite Liquid being victims of mockery on the International Stage in recent years, they have started to turn this around. The team managed to reach the final at the Mid-Season Invitational. They will pushing to reach the playoffs stages at this tournament.

Whilst still being a meme within the League of Legends community, there is no reason to completely write off this Liquid roster. With the additions of Jensen and CoreJJ within the past year, they well and truly have the raw talent to perform at the highest level now. With this being said, the entire region will be a nervous wreck through tomorrow’s matches.


I do love backing the underdog, however, in this case I believe Invictus will edge out on top of Liquid once more. With so much being on the line, I have a feeling the North American roster will slip up and be punished. There are 1.46 odds on Invictus winning this match.


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