League of Legends MSI 2019 Predictions

League of Legends MSI 2019 Predictions

League of Legends MSI 2019 Main Tournament Group Stages LoL

We are at the mid-point of group stage now at the League of Legends MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) 2019. The group is starting to take its shape and we get a glimpse at who could win the event.  

How the event has played out so far

Six of the best teams in the world clash at the MSI Group Stage. With a double round robin, best of 1 format, every single game is vital. Teams will be fighting for a top 4 finish to make it to the knockout stage of the tournament. The team that comes out on top in the group stage is gifted by getting to choose their opponent in the semi-final between the teams that finish 3rd and 4th.

After day 2, this is how the standings look:

1st Invictus Gaming 4-0
2nd G2 Esports 3-1
3rd SK Telecom T1 2-2
4th Team Liquid 2-2
5th Flash Wolves 1-3
6th Phong Vu Buffalo 0-4

Day 3

Heading into the third day of action tomorrow, there are a couple of key games to keep an eye on. The most important game is likely the opening matchup between Liquid and SKT. With both teams holding a 2-2 record and tied for 3rd place, a win here could be the separation both require.

SKT have one of their toughest days tomorrow. After their game against Liquid, they then must face off against G2 who currently sit in 2nd place. Depending on how the results fall, we could see a serious shift in placing across 2nd to 4th tomorrow afternoon.

Day 4 Predictions

By the time Day 4 rolls around, some teams could be confirmed to reach the knockout stage of the tournament. However, no one can take their foot off the pedal. With opponents either fighting for tournament survival or trying to scrape their way to a higher seed, this could be some of the best action.

G2 vs Flash Wolves

This match is a good way to test G2s mindset and consistency at this event. Whilst they’re currently sat in 2nd place and look strong, they don’t want to get too carried away and slip up against arguably weaker teams.

Flash Wolves are by no means an “easy win”, as they showcased at Worlds last year with their 9th-12th placing. However, any betting man would be their money on G2 in this series.

Prediction: G2 win

Invictus Gaming vs Team Liquid

This is the proper test for Team Liquid. Whilst they have been dominating the North American side of things, they have always struggled to put their stamp on the International stage. What better way to do so than against the current World Champions?

They have already faced each other in the earlier stages of the round robin. Invictus came out on top in that game after a 33-minute game. The big question is whether or not Liquid will be able to learn from their mistakes and put up a better fight against the dominate IG roster.

I believe Invictus will find success yet again in this match. It looks like they’ve truly found peak form at MSI and are causing a storm. I’m confident this will continue going into the final day of action.

Prediction: Invictus win

Day 5 Predictions

This will be the final day of group stage action. Teams will likely be battling it out for seeding for the bracket play. A lot could happen in the two days before this, but it currently looks like Invictus will be grabbing the #1 seed.

There are a few great games taking place on Day 5, I’ve picked out a couple of best games to tune in for as they could have major implications on the seeding.

Team Liquid vs G2

NA vs EU, a perfect way for both teams to end their time in groups. We witnessed the first battle between these giants earlier today and G2 came out on top. One thing we noticed during this game was how weak the mid-lane was for Liquid. It’s also not the first time at this event they’ve had struggles in this department.

G2 came out on top earlier today and there’s a chance this repeat matchup could be the decider for who goes through in 2nd position. I can see Caps leading the way for G2, bullying Jensen on his way once more.

Prediction: G2 win

SKT vs Invictus Gaming

This is the very final game of the group stage at MSI this year. Their first encounter took place today and history was made. Invictus Gaming took full control of the match and utterly dismantled SKT.

The game finished in record time in Riot International Competition of 16 minutes are 1 second. Roughly 5 minutes faster than the previous record that was held by SKT. This is surprisingly a tricky one to predict. When SKT get things clicking they can normally beat anyone, but over the past year, Invictus have slowly been making their claim as the best team in the game.

Prediction: Invictus win


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