Renegades vs Avangar Match Predictions

Renegades vs Avangar Match Predictions

Renegades at Katowice Qualifier


13th February 2019 at 12:00 GMT +1

IEM Katowice Challengers Format

This stage of the tournament is the Challengers stage. Challengers stage is where 8 teams qualified through events in 2018, and the final 8 had to qualify through Regional Minor Championships.  Renegades made their way into the tournament through the Asia Minor whereas Avangar played through the CIS Minor.


Renegades are one of the two teams that have consistently made it through the Asia minors to the Main Qualifiers. However, their success ends there, and they tend to slip back into the Minor system following disappointing performances in the qualifying stage.

Despite their past, the new roster has shown some great potential. If you look at their results leading up to Challengers stage, they topped the Asia Minor as champions. They even defeated BIG and G2 in their most recent LAN appearance. This is proof that the team has potential to do some damage and could make a strong run deep into this major.


Avangar have proven that they aren’t easy to beat, and it appeared that they saved many of their strategies for the Major. This one downside to the Avangar line up is their poor map pool options, which can prove to be the root of their downfall if map vetoes don’t go their way.

How they match up

Renegades are ranked 13th in the world, whereas Avangar are ranked much lower and 31st. Despite this massive gap in ranking, the public are actually still favouring Avangar to win this match. On the official HLTV match page, 58% of the votes are in favour of Avangar.


The predictions are tricky for this one. Typically, with such a landslide in the world ranking, you would go with the higher ranked team no questions asked, but Avangar blitzed through their Minor Championship and had looked extremely impressive on the maps they are comfortable playing.

Here at the odds on the match winner from Betway:

  • Renegades at 2.20
  • Avangar at 1.60

In this case, I think you should follow the majority of the public and place your bets on Avangar. Their only downside right now appears to be their confidence and performance on some maps. If they’ve touched this up since the Championship, they could very well become the darkhorse in this major.


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