Renegades vs NiP

Renegades vs NiP StarSeries Season 7 Quarter-Final

Match: Renegades vs NiP (StarSeries Season 7 Quarter Final) | Format: Best of 3 | Prediction: Renegades to win | Odds: 1.55 | Bookmaker: GG.Bet | Match start: 2019-04-05 11:00 BST


It’s fair to say the bracket at StarSeries Season 7 is heavily stacked on one side. With NiP, Renegades, NaVi and ENCE all falling on the same side of the bracket. All these teams finished in top 8 places at Katowice. Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket there is NRG, Vitality, Fnatic and North.


Renegades were major underdogs at the last event they attended, Katowice. They rode a huge wave of momentum with upset after upset and ended up reaching the quarter finals. Their run came to an end at Katowice with a 2-0 loss against MiBR in the quarter final, so they finished with a very respectable top 8 placing.

StarSeries is the first event they’ve attended since, and they’ve continued the trend of upsets here. They got their revenge on MiBR with a 2-1 victory in Round 2. Their next upset came in another 2-1 victory against FaZe in Round 3, which secured them a 3-0 record and spot in the bracket play.


Much like Renegades, NiP made it to the quarter-finals at Katowice. They fell short in the same round against Astralis, who went on to win the event. NiP had a hit and miss performance at Blast Pro Series before coming to StarSeries.

NiP secured their spot in the playoff bracket with a 3-2 overall record. They found success against North, ViCi Gaming and Spirit. They fell short against Fnatic and NaVi, two teams that also made the playoffs.

My Prediction

I think Renegades will come out on top in the series. You can pick up 1.55 odds for them to win. Due to the competition they’ve found success against so far, I believe they’ll have the edge on a NiP roster who have scrapped their way into the final 8.

If you have confidence in Renegades having a clean 2-0 victory, you can get odds of 2.71, but I can’t see NiP being that easy to push over.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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