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SK Telecom T1 vs Spylce

[ft_boxes box_style=’info’ ]Match: SK Telecom T1 (SKT) vs. Splyce (League of Legends World Championship Quarter-Final) | Format: Best of 5 | Prediction: Splyce +2.5 map handicap | Odds: 2.51 | Bookmaker: GG.Bet | Match start: 2019-10-27 11.00 BST[/ft_boxes]

Match Preview

Out of the four quarter-finals, on paper, this matchup is the most one sided. Despite Splyce’s amazing run to reach playoffs on home soil, SKT are still seen as too strong a roster for them to even contest with. It will be interesting to see how this series plays out and if SKT will slip up at all.

SK Telecom T1

They made it out of the group of death in 1st place with a 5-1 record. Their only loss came against Fnatic, however, that loss could help them out more in the long run. The loss to Fnatic helped Fnatic advance over Royal Never Give Up. There are rumours that SKT felt more threatened by RNG and purposely lost against Fnatic. With that being said, it’s hard to gauge how much truth is there.

After failing to reach Worlds last year, SKT and their star player Faker have come in with a lot to prove. Faker has managed to bring back his MVP performances this time around and is looking impressive. It’s clear that not making Worlds last year cut him deep, and he’s eager to take back the crown.


They’ve been given arguably the hardest quarter-final possible. I think they will be happy to have made it this far. We should never completely right off a team in a series, however, we must be aware that the odds are stacked against Splyce. Being Europe’s 3rd seeded team coming into the tournament, it was expected that they most likely wouldn’t advance from groups.

Splyce were pitted alongside FPX, J Team and GAM Esports in Group B. Coming into the event FPX were one of the favourites and expected to dominate the group. Meanwhile, J Team were deemed set to lock in 2nd place and contest against FPX in close games. Splyce shook everything up when they pulled off a 3-0 day, beating each team, to finish in 2nd place.


I would love to be one Europe’s faithful in this match but I just can’t see this dominant SKT roster losing in a best of 5 to Splyce. However, I do think Spylce will win at least one map. You can get 2.51 odds of a +2.5 map handicap for Spylce, meaning they only need to win 1 map for the bet to come through.


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