Vitality vs NiP

Vitality vs Ninjas in Pyjamas ESL ONE Cologne 2019 Betting Prediction

Match: Vitality vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (ESL ONE: Cologne 2019) | Format: Best of 1 | Prediction: Vitality -3.5 (round handicap) | Odds: 1.70 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-07-02 14:20 BST


With there being so many good matches taking place in the opening round at ESL Cologne this year, I believe there is the potential that this match-up will be overlooked by many. It actually has the potential to be a key outcome for Group B with both teams proving to be a threat in a loser bracket series.


The French based roster have started making waves over the past couple months and look primed to continue this strong surge. Their 19-year-old player, Zywoo, will be coming in looking to compete with the likes of s1mple and Device for player of the tournament.

The experience of NBK and the rest of the Vitality team helps put Zywoo into positions for him to be explosive. The combination has proved to be very successful in recent times. It could help lead them to another grand final and potentially another Championship. They are the stronger team coming into this series.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

This truly iconic CS:GO organisation has found themselves in a horrible slump this year. The slump is starting to seem impossible to climb out of. However, they have finally made a decision to try and aid to some success. They recently announced that fan favourite Dennis had been removed from the squad. They will be bringing in youngster Plopski.

There were rumours surrounding Plopski’s addition to the roster but no one was too sure who would be removed. Since the announcement, there has been some backlash from fans and the CS:GO community in general. NiP players and Dennis didn’t seem too friendly regarding the topic on social media following the announcement either.


Despite the addition of Plopski, I believe Vitality are strong favourites in this series and will come out on top. However, the odds for them to win aren’t too appealing at 1.40. Instead, I recommend going for a -3.5 round handicap to Vitality which will boost the odds to 1.70.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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