Vitality vs North

Vitality vs North DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 Group Stage

Match: Vitality vs. North (DreamHack Masters Dallas Group Stage) | Format: Best of 1 | Prediction: Vitality to win | Odds: 1.60 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-05-28 18:00 BST


Both these teams have been on the up in recent weeks. With Vitality putting in stellar performances at CS Summit 4, currently battling for a spot in the final. North swapped out cadiaN for JUGi earlier this month and after getting higher placings at events. We’ll find out this week if the change was worth it.


Until this weekend, I and many others wouldn’t have viewed Vitality as a massive threat. Everyone knows Zywoo was a stellar player, but the team lacked consistency. At CS Summit 4 they managed to hold a 3-2-0 record with an 8-2 map record.

This record is even more impressive considering the teams they were facing; Liquid, ENCE, Renegades, NRG and Ghost. Many put this success down to them coming into the event almost overprepared for each matchup. With talks of them struggling when it comes to longer series at the latter stages of the tournament.

Depending on how the current event ends, they could roll up to Dallas with an insanely high level of confidence.


The glory days this organisation previously seen looked too well and truly be in the past. However, the all-Danish roster has been improving over the past months, now challenging almost every team they come across.

They managed to beat NaVi in the GG.Bet Ice Challenge, all be it, a smaller tournament. The last event they attended was StarSeries Season 7 where they fell short against Fnatic in a 2-1 series to finish 7th-8th.

Since then, they’ve made a roster change and have looked stronger, except for their match against Mousesports.


I think I’m swaying towards Vitality for this matchup. With this series being a best of 1, it could heavily favour Vitality for how their map pool has looked recently. You can get 1.60 odds on Vitality winning this matchup.

You could consider a map handicap to try and boost the odds, but Vitality aren’t the most trustworthy team for this. I’d recommend going for the outright bet.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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