PUBG Betting Sites

pubg betting sitesIn recent years, esports betting has become hugely popular, due in part to the increase in popularity of the sport itself. Because of this, there are more and more sites popping up on the Internet, meaning that it can be hard for newcomers to separate the good sites from the bad. This is where we come in.

This article will be outlining the best sites to bet on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. We offer tips on what to look for when selecting the best betting sites, searching for good bonus offers, payment options that are available and even offer advice when it comes to placing bets. There will also be reviews in other sections of the site to give you full insight into the inner workings of PUBG betting.

The Most Legit PUBG Betting Sites For 2019

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 £40 + £10 Risk-free bet Review Play
3 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
4 100% up to €100 Review Play
5 Bet €10 get €30 in free bets Review Play

The above list of betting sites showcases the top sites for PUBG betting. Each of them offers top-level services such as security, payment options, game and market selections, bonus and promotional offers and much more. Below we outline exactly what it is that makes these sites great and why you should use these ones as opposed to some of the other betting sites that are out there.

How we decide which sites to list

When compiling the list of the best PUBG betting sites that are available, we base it on a number of key aspects and features:

check pubgFirst and foremost, we make sure that the site is secure and runs an encryption protocol on all its pages in order to prevent third parties from getting access to private client data.

check 2 pubgIn addition to this, we only advise bettors to use sites that are licensed and registered as this means that they are regulated and make betting and handing over money a much safer thing.

check 3 pubgIn conjunction with this, it is important that the payment options that are offered are also provided by well-known vendors and therefore offer secure and fast payment options. The specific sites we have selected here offer payment options for bank transfers, bankcards such as Visa and MasterCard and eWallets for those that prefer real money transfers.

check 4 pubgHowever, we have also included sites that accept payment via Bitcoin and also Skin payments, a relatively new inclusion to the esports betting world.

Other points that we considered when listing these sites were the ease of use of the website and how functional it was. We also looked at the games that the site offered and additionally, the market they offered alongside. It is also important to note which tournaments and events they follow and if there are live streaming capabilities as well, so these also were highly considered when rating the sites.

New PUBG betting sites

new pubg betting sitesAs PUBG is a new game to the scene and is only now on the rise, it is important to make sure that players are able to stay abreast of what is going on in terms of the betting potential. At this time, as the game is still relatively new it means that areas are still being developed and it is not as popular as other games in esports.

Many of the main betting websites such as Betway don’t offer bets in PUBG at this time. Because of this, some of the sites offering PUBG bets may not be quite up to the standard that many players are used to or that they deserve.

In order to help a player avoid falling into scamming traps, makes sure to review all the new, and old, PUBG betting sites that are available, offering up invaluable information into what makes these sites better, or worse than others. We concentrate primarily on ensuring that the sites we recommend are fully licensed and secure, offering players with a wide range of reputable transaction options alongside a comprehensive set of gaming options with competitive odds.

Betting advice for PUBG

pubg betting adviceAs with any sports-related gambling, the first thing that players need to do is be aware of the teams, players and events that are involved in this game. Knowing the way that the teams and individuals play will go a long way in helping players to make good bets and potentially make winning decisions. Many sites will offer a number of news or blog articles to help players with this type of information; alternatively, players can follow any number of numerous social media sites that are available.

It is also important that players understand how the game itself is played and what the objectives are in order for them to create accurate predictions. Knowing the PUBG matches and odds is also really necessary to furthering one’s chances at correct outcome predictions. In this area though, it is also a good idea to check out the various different odds that are available and this can be done by checking through a number of different sites for comparison.

Some sites give lower odds than others which will not yield such a high-income result even if winning bets are made. Odds will also be lower when it comes to a team that is more likely to win. Of course, betting on the underdog may be enticing, but it is also likely to result in a loss, as they are less likely to win. Until players know more about the game, they are better off sticking to the favourites and making small but winning bets before trying to branch out.

Odds and betting types explanation

PUBG bookmakers will offer a number of different PUBG odds and betting types to their players. It is therefore important to know what these options are as they can affect the bets that are made. When it comes to the different betting options, these will vary between sites but usual bets that can be made include predicting which team or player will be the last one to survive. This is where the different odds will come in, as bookmakers will determine which team they think has the skills to win and will place the odds accordingly, with the higher skilled team receiving lower odds. Players that bet on the favourite will have a smaller payout at the end.

Available payment methods

payment optionsOnline gambling has long seen a number of different betting options available. The most common of these is through real money payments, of which there are a number of different options. Currently, in this area, the most popular option is to use eWallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal, as these methods offer fast and secure transfers to and from player accounts. Other real money methods are through the use of cards such as Visa or MasterCard, and lastly, there is the option of bank transfer. This latter option, while affording players with the ability to make large deposits, is the lengthiest when it comes to withdrawal transaction times.

In recent years though, a few other payment methods have sprung up, the first of which is through the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This allows players to use their Bitcoin, at the current rate of exchange to place bets. Not all betting sites accept this method of payment, however, so we will simply mention it in site reviews when they do.

The last method and one of the newest to the scene is, by its very nature, exclusively for use by esports sites. This is the payment through skins. Skins are in-game items that players can collect or purchase from the store when playing PUBG. These skins have different values attached to them based on their rarity and these can be exchanged at a specific value with the betting site in exchange for betting on games.

About PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A new game to the esports scene, PUBG is the brainchild of Brendan Greene. The game was only released in March 2017 but it has seen an incredible amount of popularity, seeing it match Dota 2 on Stream, far surpassing CSGO on this platform. The creator himself announced that it would sell a million copies within a month, though the Korean based backer was less positive. However, the game outdid all expectations selling a million within 16 days. Now it is the most popular game on Stream and has in excess of 2 million players attending a game at any one time. It is based on the very popular movie Battle Royale and is similarly themed. The game itself is a multiplayer game set on a ballet field and can actually be played either as a first person or third person game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay

Similar to the storyline of the movie, up to 100 different players can play the same game. They are all placed on the island and the game begins. Initially, all players are given nothing which with to survive and part of the game is to acquire weapons in order to make progress and to kill other players.

pubg in game screenshot

Some areas of the game are considered to be high-risk areas but it is here that the better weapons and useful items can be obtained. As the game continues, the areas that are considered to be safe will become smaller and this will increase the likelihood of players meeting each other. By the end of the game, there should only be one player remaining as is the case in the film and manga on which it is based. In a competitive setting, the game is played in teams and it is the team that remains alive at the end that will claim the final prize.

Betting bonus and free bet

bonus offerMany PUBG betting sites offer a bonus when a new player signs up. This can be a simple free bet awarded upon registration. Usually, this is not a large free bet, often just a couple of dollars, but it does serve to enable the new player to get a taste of the way that the site works and how the betting system operates.

Players can also keep any winnings that are gained from this free bet, though there are wagering requirements in place that must be fulfilled by the player in order to do so. Another common promotion is a match deposit bonus.

Many sites will offer a 100% match on a specific value that players deposit in their account after they have signed up. This doubles the amount of money that the player has to spend on bets and can greatly improve the experience to be had. Similar to the free bet, there are always wagering requirements attached, and these must be adhered to if a player wishes to withdraw any winnings.

PUBG tournaments

At this time PUBG is so new that there aren’t really any tournaments that have featured it. In fact, there has been only one tournament that has featured the game and this is Gamescom. However, with the extreme success and popularity of the game, it is certain that this will change very soon. It may be popular online but it will take a little more time before it can reach a status as an established esport and have professional players taking part on a regular basis.

Winner winner chicken dinner

summary pubgWell done! You have finally made it through this article and are now ready to begin betting on PUBG. We hope that you have found all the information provided to be useful and anticipate that you will have success in your betting endeavours. Of course, it is still important to remember that you must gamble responsibly, always sticking within your allotted bankroll budget.

PUBG match betting can be a fun and entertaining pastime but only if done in a responsible manner and to this end we urge you to make sure that if you find yourself taking more time online than normal, take a break and come back later. Be that as it may, now is the time to get out there, sign up to a site and start your PUBG journey.