Quake Champions Invitational to be held at DreamHack Winter 2017

quake champions invitational

DreamHack and Bethesda have announced the return of Quake to DreamHack! This time around we’ll get to see ”Quake Champions” at DreamHack Winters 2017 in Jönköping. The tournament Quake Champions Invitational features a $350,000 prize pool split between the duel and sacrifice tournament.

Quake is returning to the esports scene with its latest addition Quake Champions. The beta version of Quake Champions has been available to the public for a couple of months now, and the full game is expected to be released later this year. Although it’s still in a beta phase, tournaments are being arranged, QuakeCon for example, a 1 million dollar tournament with the finals being played tomorrow, August 26.

And the game has now been given a spot at DreamHack Winter 2017 for the tournament Quake Champions Invitational with a $350,00 prize pool. The prize money will be split between the following two modes; duel (1v) and sacrifice (4v4). More information regarding DreamHack Winter 2017 will be added as we approach the event. We guess that we’ll at least get to see the Swedish superstar Johan ”Toxjq” Quick among the invitees.

Tournament information

Formats: Duel, sacrifice
Dates: –
Location: DreamHack Winter, Elmia Fair
Prize Pool: $350,000

Open qualifiers

In addition to the invited pro players, Quake Champions Invitation will also include open qualifiers. Players who wish to participate can sign up on Dreamhack’s website. In the meanwhile, make sure to enjoy Quake Champions at a pro level by watching Quake World Championships Final at QuakeCon, August 24-26.


Bet on Quake Champions?

We’re yet to see a betting site that are offering bets on Quake Champions, but we believe that it will be available soon. Quake already has a fan base, and it will probably grow as the game gets more exposure on Twitch and other platforms. If the game can see an increase in players and viewers shortly, it’s not impossible that we’ll end up having several sportsbooks offering Quake Champions odds. Keep an eye out on bet365 and Betway who usually are quick to pick up on new esports trends and games.