Quake World Championships – 1 Million Dollar on the Line

quake world championships 2017

Developer id Software is looking to gain relevance once again with Quake Champions, the latest addition to the classic fps series. Despite the fact that the game is in a beta phase a 1 million dollar world championships tournament is still in progress.

Bethesda, the publisher of Quake Champions, announced the World Championships during their E3 showcase. The tournament qualifiers will run from June 29th to August 6th, and the playoffs are set for August 24-26. QuakeCon in Texas, USA is the location of which the final will take place and players from around the world will gather through the Duel and Sacrifice (4v4) qualifiers to duke it out for the $1,000,000 prize pool. An offline qualifier will decide the last spots for the World Championship. See the full tournament schedule below.

Duel competitors – online qualifiers

Top 32 players from each region qualify for Regionals.

Duel qualifier #1
EU: June 29, July 2
NA: June 30, July 2

Duel qualifier #2
EU: July 6, July 9
NA: July 7, July 9

Duel qualifier #3
EU: July 13, July 17
NA: July 14, July 16

Duel qualifier #4
EU: July 20, July 23
NA: July 21, July 23

4v4 Sacrifice – online qualifiers

Top 8 teams go through to Regionals, which also will be played online.

Sacrifice qualifier #1
EU: July 1-2
NA: July 15-16

Sacrifice qualifier #2
EU: July 8-9
NA: July 22-23

Regional finals

Ther 12 best duel players and the 4 best Sacrifice teams from each region qualify for the QuakeCon finals.

EU regionals (Leicester, UK): August 5-6
NA regionals (Burbank, CA): August 5-6

QuakeCon 2017 finals (Dallas, Texas)

A total of 32 Duelers and 8 Sacrifice teams will compete in the QuakeCon Finals.

BYOC duel qualifier: August 24
Finals: August: 24-26