SK Gaming

sk gaming esports team

Based in Germany and founded in 1997, SK Gaming was first under the name of Schroet Kommando. Originally the creation of a group of friends, it has now made quite a name for itself in the world of esports as a brand that is respected and recognizable. In fact, as an example of the company’s exponential growth, it has even managed to open an office in Los Angeles, California.

Since its debut, SK Gaming has gone on to lead teams that have won unbelievable winnings (we’re talking millions of prize money) as well as going on to topple over 60 major championships. It prides itself on the diversity, friendship and respect between every one of its players, regardless of ethnicity or background.

The CS:GO Roster

Four out of five members of this impressive team originate from Brazil: the other is from the USA. SK Gaming has compiled the best of the Americas to create a team that is currently number one in the Counter Strike gaming scene. Pretty neat! We can’t wait to see where boltz, FalleN, coldzera, fer and Stewie2k go next. They’ve already won $80,000 this year!

The Paladins Roster

w1fl, Vex30, Bitey, Alternit, Invocal and ShadeeyShades all have one thing in common: all six are from the land of the free, home of the brave, the good ol’ USA. As with most other current esports organisations, Paladins is a new venture for SK Gaming. Their current roster was once all competitors under Denial Esports. SK Gaming is assured that with these experienced players, entering the world of Paladins will be a piece of cake.

The FIFA Roster

There are just two players in this particular team: Mirza “Mirza” Jahic and Timo “Praii” Gruneisen, from Austria and Germany respectively. Both have accumulated some pretty heavyweight titles and winnings to their names, making them quite the challenging twosome. Together they have won a total of $24,725 in prize money.

The Hearthstone Roster

This particular line-up is quite multinational, consisting of members from Spain, Germany and Poland. There are four players in total: Zetalot, AKAWonder, Dalesom and Bunnyhopper. The latter two players were only signed about 2 months ago, when SK Gaming decided to expand the Hearthstone team. SK Gaming is fully confident that they have put together a line-up of skills and talents at every level, and expect the Hearthstone team to achieve a lot of greatness in 2018.

The Rainbow Six Roster

A relatively new addition to the line-ups at SK Gaming, this team consists of players from Canada and the USA. Mint, Pojoman, Hotancold, Adam, Jarvis and Ezley are now the face of Rainbow Six, and together, SK Gaming hopes that they will achieve greatness for the organization.
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