Skin Gambling

skin gambling sitesSkin gambling has been around for a few years now and looks set to remain a popular form of gambling for many years to come. Skin gambling involves using the skins you have garnered from playing one of the popular esports gambling games, such as CSGO, Dota 2 or PUBG. There are now skin gambling sites that allow an exchange of skins for coins of equal value, or even skin betting sites that allow you to use skins as a form of payment. SkinPay is the method to do this and simply requires players to make an account and bingo; you can turn your skins into profit.

Skins can be used on a number of different betting sites and there are a growing number of games that can be played using them. To give you a better idea of what could lie in store for you, this article will give you an outline of this fun betting platform, giving you tips on how to get further ahead in your skin playing games.

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SkinPay is the hottest thing in skins gambling right now! Deposit your skins and get real money to play with. Here we explain what happens when you convert your skins into real money. It is important to note that the following instruction may differ depending on where you choose to bet, so read the current terms and conditions of the page you have joined.

How to deposit with Skinpay

To deposit with SkinPay you must first select SkinPay as your payment method. The next step is to enter your Steam Trade link. Once the account is linked you can then select the skins you want to sell and then accept the swap. Finally, confirm the change via the Steam’s mobile app. Within 15 minutes your account will be credited with the exchanged money.

Requirements to use SkinPay

There are some requirements for depositing skins into a SkinPay account. First, the Steam account must be at least a level 1. You also must use the Steam’s mobile app to accept the exchange. The inventory, i.e. the storage of your skins and objects must be public.

Pros and Cons of SkinPay

Skin gambling in all its forms is something that many gamers are engaged in. It can be incredibly rewarding, whether it’s betting, coinflip or jackpot. But why is it recommended to play on pages that use SkinPay instead of pages that buy with skins and win skins? We answer you below.


Safe and trustworthy – the pages we are referring to that use the SkinPay payment method are 100% safe and reliable. That’s something that cannot be said of “common” skin betting pages, which deliberately trick their members and rig results. Another thing that distinguishes our listed betting pages is that they are licensed and only allow players who are 18 years old or older.

Large esports selections – serious betting sites aim to offer their members a complete gaming experience with multiple game options to choose and bet between. You can bet on matches in several different games: League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO PUBG, Smite, Hearthstone, Call of Duty and more. In addition, you can, in many cases, try out slots and other entertaining casino games.

Win real money – Even though it’s your skins that you use as a bet; it is real money that you have the chance to win. Personally, we choose money over skins every day of the week because there are clearly more uses. If there is still more skins that you want, you only have to spend the money you win to buy better skins.

Great Customer service – Contacting support may not be the first thing to consider when registering at a new betting site, but it’s actually more important than you can imagine. Suddenly there may be problems that prevent one from playing, so it’s nice to have a helpful customer service. One important point to note is whether the customer service is available 24/7, as this is often the case with licensed betting sites.


You don’t win skins – Even though it’s your skins that you have exchanged, it’s not skins that you have the chance to win. Instead, you fill up your real money game account, which you can spend as you wish after you’ve picked up your winnings. So if you’re only looking for better and more exclusive skins, just buy them with your winnings.

Skin Gambling Types

Skin gambling is extremely popular and comes in several different forms, including betting, jackpot, coinflip and roulette. Continue reading to learn more about each game form as well as tips on betting pages where you will find some of these gaming options.


Skin betting is the most common game mode and is simply where players can bet their skins on specific teams and players in matches and tournaments. Skin betting is widely considered to be the biggest skin betting form. It works in the same way as betting on any sport, except that you exchange your skins for cash instead of a direct cash deposit from the outset.


CSGO Jackpot works by allowing players to place their skins in a large pot, with the winner of the pot receiving all the skins within. To increase the chances of winning the pot, players need to bet a more expensive skin as this gives better odds. Jackpot is a very popular CSGO betting options simply because it offers a fast-paced game with some seriously high winning opportunities. Waiting until the last minute to place a high-value skin is a way of sniping the pot and doesn’t allow other players enough time to increase their bet, giving you a better chance of winning it all. Be warned though, carry this on too long and other players will not want to join a jackpot game with you.


In CSGO Coinflip, players attempt to guess which side of the coin it will land on – either the terrorist side or the counter-terrorists. The game is one to one with a 50% chance of winning the pot. This makes it one of the more straightforward CSGO betting options.


Based on the classic casino game, CSGO Roulette follows very similar rules except that there are fewer pockets. As well as this, the focus is on the colours of red and black rather than the numbers themselves. There is a single green pocket, which players can place bets on and this offers higher odds than choosing red or black. Depending on how you play this game, there are a few differences on other sites, with Thunderpick being a notable example as there are four different colours to pick from.


CSGO Dice is played with other players and needs the player to accurately guess the value of the dice. Bets don’t need to be made on the specific value but are usually restricted to simpler bets such as the value will be a low number – anywhere from 1 through to 6. It can also be a middle number which is 7, or a high number which is anywhere from 8 through to 12. For even higher odds and the potential for a larger payout, players can opt to place bets on doubles – guessing that the numbers on the die faces will be the same


Crash is the riskiest of all the games and requires players to bet when they think the game will crash, removing themselves from the game before it does so. Once the bet amount has been placed, a diagonal line will grow across the screen. This is a multiplier and players have to guess when the system will crash and get out. If the crash occurs with the player still in the game, they have lost. If the player leaves the game before the crash, their winnings will be doubled by the same amount that the multiplier was on when they left the game. Because of this, crash offers a high level of risk but also has the potential to pay out some large sums of money. Hold your nerve and you could see some big wins.

Skin Gambling FAQ

Here we have collected and answered common thoughts about skins gambling. Is it legal? How old should I be? Is it safe? Read on to find your answers:

Is skin gambling legal?
Answer: Yes, as long as you stop playing on pages that don’t hold a game license. Our recommendation is to only play with well-known sites in betting and gambling. Of course, all the betting pages mentioned on this site are legal.

Is there an age limit?
Answer: You must be at least 18 years of age to play at the betting pages that we are referring to.

Which skin gambling site should I choose?
Answer: There are a lot of pages that offer skin gambling and therefore it’s not easy to decide where to play. Everyone has different views on what suits one best. When we list betting pages on, we start with security, game options, navigation and support.

Where can I claim bonus offers?
Answer: In many cases, as a new player, you receive a welcome bonus. The amount of the bonus depends entirely on which betting page you choose to use. We are always clear about informing you about bonuses and offers. However, it is still a good idea to check on the gaming pages to be sure of what is applicable.

Which deposit methods are available?
Answer: If you do not want to bet your skins, it’s great to make deposits by: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi Waller, Paysafecard, Trustly, Nordea City Skrill, Bank Transfer, Check etc. Keep in mind that all betting pages do not necessarily use the same deposit methods. Therefore, read our reviews to find out which payment methods are offered at each game page.

How do I withdraw my winnings?
Answer: Any winnings will not be paid in skins. Instead, you’ll need to choose a traditional payment method to be able to withdraw winnings.

Can I gamble on my mobile phone?
Answer: Yes, we only list betting pages optimized for mobile phone devices. In many cases, they also have apps that you can download.

Bonus offers

At you will find the best gambling bonuses on the Internet in 2019. Choosing the right bonus can do a lot for your bet, so it’s important to have basic knowledge about the different bonuses offered. Welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free coins, free bet and more are now the options that occur on basically all betting sites.

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You can easily download your skin gambling bonus by clicking on our links or using any bonus codes. More detailed information about the betting pages’ bonuses is found in our reviews.