Esports Betting with Skrill 2019

With thousands of options available when betting it’s may be difficult to judge what service suits you best. This page should help you understand the pros and cons of Skrill, as well as how to use it when placing bets on your favourite eSports matches.

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What is Skrill?

Founded in 2001, Skrill is an e-commerce company that allows users to deposit, transfer and withdraw funds online. Similar to PayPal, Skrill offers transfers across a range of currencies and can be used to pay for items online, all with no extra fees.

How can I deposit using Skrill?

Firstly, you must create an account at Skrill and provide some basic details. Following this, you can add a card or bank account, which will allow you to add funds to your Skrill account when you want to pay online.

To use Skrill when betting on CS:GO matches, it is just as simple as paying for anything else online. Go to your betting sites deposit page and select Skrill as your preferred way to pay, then you’re good to go.

Withdrawing through Skrill

Withdrawing through Skrill makes it quick and easy to transfer money back into your bank account, should you need to visit an ATM for funds. Turning your internet winnings into real cash in no time at all.

Does my favorite site allow Skrill payments?

Thousands of online businesses accept payment through Skrill, most major bookmakers also allow payments made through Skrill. Here are just a few examples:

Many other companies are adding Skrill to their list of approved payment methods so it is not a nuance service. Which should hopefully mean more people switch to this great service.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Skrill?


  • Fast and efficient service.
  • No fee when transferring money.
  • Ability to add a bank account to pay online.
  • Thousands of users worldwide.


  • Not as widely accepted as PayPal or AmazonPay.
  • Some bookmakers are yet to add Skrill as a payment option.

Overall, the positives of Skrill outweigh the negatives as the system seems to be well polished and designed to meet user expectations.

Can you recommend any alternatives to Skrill?

Despite Skrills longevity in the market it is yet to gain the attention that companies such as PayPal have in the gambling scene. This might make you skeptical of its performance. Other e-commerce companies may be better suited to your needs.

Google Pay – Strong service without transfer costs but is only available within the UK and the US, at this point in time.

Stripe – Fast and efficient service with low fees and good online support for web designers, which makes it easy to integrate into gambling sites. Much like Google Pay it is online available in a select number of countries.

PayPalOne of the most popular on the market, PayPal remains the number one for online use as it has a wide range of currencies, quick deposit and withdraw speeds as well as its availability on pretty much any CS:GO gambling site.

How can I bet on CS:GO using Skrill?

Much like any other online service you’ve used to place a bet, Skrill will be available on the deposit menu of the site. Once you select Skrill as your preferred option, the money will be removed from your account and placed into your betting balance.

If you have insufficient funds to place a bet using Skrill, you will be informed the same way as you would if your bank account/PayPal did not have enough to make the transaction. To fix that issue, all you need to do is Log in to Skrill and click Add Funds where you can select a source, such as your bank account or other online accounts, to move the money over. Simple and efficient.

Learn more about CS:GO gambling before you deposit

When betting on any esport it is important to understand what you are doing. Check out our article on CS:GO gambling to make sure you’re informed correctly.

My Final Thoughts

Despite Skrill’s somewhat obscurity in the market, I believe that it may join PayPal as one of the leading payment options available. This comes down to whether Skrill can combat some of the issues that PayPal suffers from which might make them transfer to a different service.

In terms of betting, Skrill has an easy way of handling your money which appeals to a lot of players who hate having to wait around for their money to deposit or withdraw.

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