Esports betting terminology

With technology and gaming options moving forward so quickly, it is easy to get lost in all the terminology that is involved. There are numerous terms that are connected to making bets on esports and it is important that all players, particularly new ones, know what they all mean before launching into the industry and placing bets. Outlined below are the most important phrases, words and terms that players should know when it comes to betting on eSports.

Esports games

This first section will outline all the different games that are the main options when it comes to eSports. It is important to understand what each of these games are all about and also the different betting options that are available alongside each of them. This is because each game has different rules and sites will offer different games. They also have abbreviated names in many instances, so it is important to understand these in order to not get confused as to which game the player is betting on.

CS:GO – stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is one of the more popular games available. It was originally released in 2012 and is a first person shooter game that is performed as a team, with sides alternating between the good guys and the terrorists on various maps and terrains.

LoL – is for League of Legends, which is a multiple player game and is considered to be one of the biggest eSports games in the world. It is played as a battle field arena game.

HotS – is Heroes of the Storm, and like League of Legends, is a multi-player game. It too offers a battle arena style and offers players the chance to get creative and strategic in their game play.

Dota 2 – is the sequel to the popular Defense of the Ancients game. Like both League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2 is a multiplayer battle game that is found in an online format.

Hearthstone – doesn’t have a shortened name and also stands out due to the very different game play that it offers. Rather than a battle game, Hearthstone requires players to collect digital cards, placing them strategically throughout the game in order to thwart the opposition.

SC2 – is otherwise known as Starcraft 2 and is another strategy style game that once held the position of top eSports game. However, in recent years games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends have overtaken it in popularity.

Rocket League – is a different game altogether when compared to the previously mentioned games, as it is a football game where players use a car to get the ball into the goal.

Overwatch – is a team game that focuses strongly on this aspect in its game play, allowing teams to showcase their prowess together.

VainGlory – is actually designed to work on the small screen and is compatible with mobile devices and all operating systems. Clash Royale is also a mobile game where players need to collect cards in order to create defences against the opposition.

CoD – is also known as Call of Duty and has long been a worldwide favourite in the first person shooter genre of games. This game offers multiple betting opportunities to its players.

Finally there is WoT or World of Tanks which is a war game played on a much larger scale than any of the others, with teams of fifteen players competing against one another.

Overarching concepts

Now that players are familiar with the different games that are available, it is now important to outline the various terms that come alongside online betting. Outlined below are a number of must-know phrases that will make betting life that much simpler if the player understands them.

Betting is the most important term here and simply refers to the amount of money that a player will place on a specific predicted outcome of the game. Most of the time, players, particularly new ones, will simply make a prediction as to which team will win. If that team does win, the player will win money according to the odds that were in play at the time the bet was placed. If the chosen team loses, then the player loses their bet. However, depending on the game, players can choose much more intricate bets to make, though it is advisable that this is only done if the player knows the game very well.

Live betting is similar to betting and occurs when the game is in progress rather than prior to the game as is the case with regular betting. Players can watch the game as it moves forward and can keep making various bets throughout the game.

Live Streams are when the current event is filmed and then uploaded instantly to an online platform, allowing players to watch the action as it unfolds. Major sites for this include Twitch and YouTube.

A game company can also refer to the betting site and is the place that provides the venue of placing the bet. The betting site must hold a gaming license in order to operate.

Bookie or bookmaker is similar to the game company, as they are the one who will take the bet from the punter.

Bankroll is the amount of money that a player has set aside with which they can bet. This should be carefully thought through, and is essentially the game budget.

Bonus terminology

All sites offer some kind of bonus, so the meaning of each of these will be outlined below in order for new players to understand exactly what it is they are getting.

A welcome bonus is one of the most common bonus options available and simply refers to a bonus that is offered when a player signs up to a casino for the first time. This can involve a number of different bonuses such as free spins, free bets or match deposits.

A deposit bonus means that the player must make an initial deposit of their own money into their new account and then the casino or gambling site will match it, allowing players to have an enlarged bankroll.

Reload bonuses tend to be aimed at customers who are loyal to a particular site and allows players to get another deposit bonus.

Free bonuses are when players are given a reward for simply making an account and they are not required to put any of their own money into the account in order to receive it.

Wagering requirements are the conditions that are attached to a bonus and must be met in order for any withdrawals of winnings to be made.

Odds explained

Finally, it is important to outline the words surrounding this area of the betting world.

Fixed odds are when a gaming site has created a set of specific odds that they think matches the predicted outcome of an event. In contrast, floating odds are those that can fluctuate and change and will be affected by how many players are betting on the same final result.

Live odds are given when a game or event has actually already begun, unlike other odds that are in place before the event begins.